My Story: Why Should I Share It?

Updated: Mar 30

What does it mean to have a story? In the story, you were involved as the main character and you played the part the best you could because there was no retake.

These scenes are forever etched in your mind. Right... If you're thinking, "Oh, yeah, there are a lot of stories and incidents of my life, but sharing them won't make any sense"... Then it is understandable.

However, you're thinking wrong. We aren't expecting our story to be liked, or people to be entertained. By sharing our stories, we are exploring ourselves.

If you feel happy when you remind a particular incident then please share your "that" happiness with us, Or an incident that is still capable to bother you, terrifying you, making you feel pain.... please share that fearlessly. Trust us, we will make you comfortable to share your story.

Now,.. your logical mind must be thinking "mmm.. Okay... Sounds good, but what is the use of sharing?' I'm not interested... I'm an introvert... I share with my best friend only... blah blah blah.

Well, you don't need to think about all that, because whoever's going to read your story is going to read it alone, not the entire world sitting together and reading you. And if he/she can feel your emotion across your story, will try to understand you or it may be related to the life of that reader - Write for that person. You don't need everybody to read your story, Right?

We believe, and you may have noticed it yourself repeatedly. When we share our pain, we feel kind of healed from within and when we share our happiness we feel so energized that makes other people feel the same.

When you open up and share your story, the entire world would be able to read you and listen to you, People who resonate with your story will reach out to you via your social media ID. The people who had the same kind of experience will thumbs up to you. And the most interesting thing is your story will be available on ReadMe FOREVER.

ReadMe would like to extend a warm welcome. Please reach us with your correct e-mail address to assist you with all your sharing and reading questions.

See you soon...

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