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Only A True Lover Can Be A True Devotee

Only a True Lover can be a True Devotee

Today let's meet a Man, a Sage, a Poet, a Superhuman, a Devotee who created the HANUMAN CHALISA!!! Many of us knows what's hanuman chalisa and we listen it, it's a very powerful mantra, But do you know the man behind it who created Hanuman Chalisa?? How did he create it?? Why did he create it??

Let me introduce him in my way, His name is TULSIDAS who is a devotee of lord RAM. He was enlightened and also had Darshan of Lord Rama. It's said that when Tulsidas used to address the people, lord Hanuman come to listen him. He had grace of Hanumana that he could see lord Rama. Also it's said that many times he has seen lord Hanuman in his original form. Tulsidas was mastered to put his conscious expressions in the words.

This is the time of 15th century When Mughals were ruling the India. Akbar called Tulsidas to his fort where he was living. Because Tulsidas was getting famous and popular, he was awakening people and sorting out the issues among themselves, which was not good for Akbar to rule the people.So Akabar put Tulsidas in prison. Tulsidas was in Akbar's prison where he wrote a Hanuman Chalisa. (Akbar could put Tulsidas in prison but not his knowledge and power) The man who is free from very prison of life. No prison can hold him.

During his imprisonment time, Tulsidas wanted to come out and continue with his work to spread consciousness in people. Tulsidas approached Hanuman to help him with his situation. So, out of his consciousness, he praised hanuman and surrendered to him. He started expressing his love, faith, and trust, toward hanuman through his words wholeheartedly. Lord Hanuman appeared Tulsidas just poured all his conscious expressions in "Doha" (Poem), Which became Hanuman Chalisa.

It's said that after this incident, thousands of monkeys attacked on the fort where Tulsidas was imprisoned. Akbar's army could not defeat this attack. When Akbar realised that because of Tulsidas's imprisonment this attack is happening, he immediately released Tulsidas.

The Chalisa he wrote is still alive and vibrant. When we utter the chalisa or listen it we experience that vibes no question about it. If you are really stuck somewhere or in something which is killing your being inside. If you are feeling Tulsidas's situation in your life,then Tulsidas has created a way to express your love and devotion through Chalisa.

So.. Let's hold his hand (I mean the hands which created Chalisa) and witness lord Hanuman in his forms and profoundness.

Thank you.

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